College/Year: Morse ’04

Hometown: Alta Loma, Calif.

Major: Undeclared

Jeanne Davis ’04 wants the Yale College Council to think small.

Davis, a Morse College representative who is running for secretary, said she got involved in the YCC last year because of its role in student activities. She said she thinks that a greater focus on student activities could strengthen the YCC now.

“I think that we need to work on the smaller issues, such as dining halls, summer storage or anything else people may have concerns about, before we start working on the larger issues, such as unions,” Davis said.”I feel that YCC’s statement should be that it is a powerful student voice, and I don’t think that we are as legitimate as we can be.”

Specifically, Davis said she would like to have an annual fall concert and would like to see “bigger bands” play Spring Fling.

“If possible, we can try to get corporate sponsors [for Spring Fling] — larger companies, not just ones from New Haven,” she said.

Another of her concerns was and its connections to student organizations’ Web sites. Davis said she fears that such organizations might avoid criticizing the YCC if YaleStation ends up under the umbrella of the YCC.

She said she thinks rules preventing the YCC from censoring those organizations should be established.

She emphasized that her main goal was to represent the student body.

–Caroline Massad