To the Editor:

I read with dismay Maureen Doran’s “clarification” of the AYA Board of Governors’ inappropriate campaigning against Yale Corporation candidate Rev. W. David Lee DIV ’93 (“Clarifying misconceptions about the AYA letter,” 4/17). In her column, Doran NUR ’71 claims that the Association of Yale Alumni wanted to ensure that “alumni voters had access to the full and complete range of information on the public record.” But if the AYA had truly desired to provide a “full and complete range of information”, they would have given voters concrete information on the views of both candidates and then let them draw their own conclusions. Instead, AYA provided one-sided information laced with biases against Lee.

The only “clarification” Doran has provided is that alumni donors cannot expect their money to be used by the AYA in a responsible manner.

Adam Gordon ’00

April 22, 2002