To the Editor:

We are Jewish college students with a deep love for Israel and its people. That is why we could not attend a rally that will ultimately be counterproductive to peace.

As long as American Jews continue to espouse a one-sided view, clinging to the idea that Israel is not the obstacle to peace — as stated in the National Rally’s message points — America will never be able to be the force for peace-making that we hope it can be.

Our national Jewish organizations, from AIPAC to the ADL to our own National Hillel, may tell us that embracing and supporting Israel is the only option in this time of crisis.

We believe that there is another option, a middle ground. Many of those who attended Monday’s rally share our belief that both the occupation and acts of terrorism must end. But as long as this middle ground remains unarticulated, we cannot rally around Israel’s flag.

Gabriel Freiman ’02 and Anya Kamanetz ’02

April 15, 2002