This was supposed to be the season that All-American Brian Hunt ’02 led the No. 14 Bulldogs to an Ivy League title. One season-ending injury later, Hunt may find himself finishing his collegiate lacrosse career elsewhere.

Since suffering a broken ankle the Saturday before Yale’s first regular season game against Drexel, several nationally-renowned lacrosse programs have approached Hunt about playing next year, head coach Mike Waldvogel said. Hunt’s decision to graduate this year and forgo redshirting means he cannot play in the Ivy League next year.

Under Ivy League regulations, undergraduates may not complete their remaining year of athletic eligibility once they have finished their undergraduate education.

“I don’t know if I want to or not,” said Hunt about whether or not he would play lacrosse elsewhere next year. “If I get into a business school I want, then I’ll play.”

Hunt, who led the Bulldogs in scoring for each of the previous two seasons, has already taken the GMAT and plans to apply to multiple business schools, including No. 12 Duke, whose lacrosse team consistently finishes in the top 15.

After the Bulldogs lost 11-6 to the Blue Devils at the Soccer-Lacrosse Stadium Apr. 7, Hunt spoke to Duke head coach Mike Pressler about playing for Duke while attending its business school.

Pressler was unavailable for comment.

Hunt is unsure of his post-graduation plans. Instead of playing lacrosse, Hunt said, he might seek employment instead of going to business school.

Waldvogel said he would not be surprised if Hunt takes to the turf for one last season.

“Everyone’s interested in him,” Waldvogel said. “I think [Hunt playing next year] is very realistic.”

In a year when Hunt’s presence might have given the Bulldogs the extra offensive boost they needed to get into the 12-team NCAA tournament, captain Tucker Foote ’02 said there is no ill will over Hunt’s decision to graduate instead of redshirting.

“I’d be really happy for Brian,” Foote said. “I don’t look at it from a team perspective. As an individual, I think it’s great for him.”