The two men suspected in a recent string of robberies on the Yale campus were apparently seen in the basement of Saybrook College early yesterday morning, Saybrook Master Mary Miller said in an e-mail to her college.

The pair spotted in the Saybrook basement fit a description provided by Yale police and University Secretary Linda Lorimer in an e-mail to the entire Yale community: two college-aged men, one about 5 feet 10 inches tall and stockily built, the other 6 feet tall and thinner than the first. They have reportedly been dressed in dark clothing, and one of the men has worn a dark ski hat. The men have also been armed.

Miller also said in her e-mail that many Saybrook residents prop open their suite doors and leave them unlocked even when no one is home.

“Don’t be such sitting ducks,” she said.

Recently, Yale Police Lt. Michael Patten said students should be vigilant following the past weeks’ incidents. He said students should use all the safety precautions afforded them and not be hesitant to report suspicious activity.

“Call the police for escorts and use the minibus when you need to,” Patten said.

Miller stressed the importance of securing the entrances to the college.

“Do not let these guys back into Saybrook,” she said. “If you feel you cannot slam the gate in their faces, then let them in and call the police.”

She added: “These guys will be back.”

–Brian Ginsberg