A string of three robberies near the Yale campus this past week might be the work of two men, Yale police said.

Police confirmed that the two suspects in each robbery were college-aged men, one about 5 feet 10 inches tall and stockily built, the other 6 feet tall and thinner than the first. They have reportedly been dressed in dark clothing, and one of the men has worn a dark ski hat. The men have also been armed.

Though similar descriptions were reported in each incident, police said they cannot be certain that the same pair of individuals was responsible for each crime.

The incidents — which all occurred in the area bounded by High, York, Crown and George streets — left no one hurt, but police and University administrators said they warrant exercising extra caution. In an e-mail sent to the entire Yale community, University Secretary Linda Lorimer said students should call Yale police if they see anyone suspicious. Yale Police Lt. Michael Patten expressed similar sentiments yesterday.

“There’s a cause for caution,” he said, “but not for alarm.”

Patten also urged students to “take advantage of the services the University offers. Call the police for escorts and use the minibus when you need to.”

–Brian Ginsberg