To the Editor:

Once again, Jacob Remes (“Maya to Frances: Negative campaigning is the last thing we need,” 3/27) presents a needlessly skewed argument.

The fairest way to put things would be this: both the Rev. W. David Lee DIV ’93 and architect Maya Lin ’81 ARC ’86 are tremendously unqualified for seats on the Corporation. Lee, a Clinton-esque character who claims to speak for Yale students, Yale employees and New Haven residents while siphoning money from union coffers, was neither a Yale undergraduate nor New Haven resident long enough to give credence to any of his claims. Lin, on the other hand, promises to be another distinctly hands-off Corporation member, in town long enough to admire her architecture and eat stale bagels with the rest of the Corporation’s fat-cats.

Lin versus Lee is the ultimate red herring. The issue shouldn’t be which one of these two deeply flawed candidates deserves to be on the Corporation, but rather, isn’t it about time there were student representatives at these meetings?

Matt Fogel ’02

March 27, 2002