To the Editor:

As the labor negotiations begin, many of us who belong to the union have a few problems with the way things are being negotiated.

First, I for one do not support a union for GESO nor do I care whether Yale New Haven Hospital employees unionize! I know many, many union members of Yale University feel the same way. Unfortunately, our union here at Yale is sending petitions around with the phrase “I support Yale University Local 34, AND also support the unionization of GESO and YNHH workers”.

Now, if we don’t sign, we don’t support our own union, yet if we do sign, it seems that we support all of the claims. Our own Union hasn’t sent a petition around for us to sign stating that we support only Local 34 at Yale University, and I find this really unfair to us as union members not to be able to voice our opinions on this to the University. We all know that the union wants additional dues in their pockets, but I don’t want to endanger the members of Yale University Local 34’s chances of getting what we need and want because the University team thinks we all support GESO and YNHH.

Pamela Clifford

march 4, 2002

The writer is a financial assistant at the Yale University Press.