Even though Sugar Ray’s Web site listed Yale as the location of an April 28 concert, Spring Fling chairman Brad Kahn ’04 said Guster is still the Spring Fling band.

Kahn said the Web site posting was a mistake.

“When we were negotiating with them they had us down on a temporary itinerary and apparently that temporary itinerary went out to all the management people,” Kahn said. “It was just a mistake, it will be down.”

Guster has sent Yale a contract that will be finalized after the Yale College Council reviews it with the General Counsel’s Office, Kahn said.

“My impressions are that they are much more reasonable in their requests than the previous bands that I have worked with from stage requirements to catering requirements,” YCC President Vidhya Prabhakaran ’03 said in an e-mail. “It looks like we will be able to redirect some money within Spring Fling and give the entire day a more carnival atmosphere which should make the entire day that much better.”

Guster is bringing an opening act that has not yet been specified, Kahn said.

–Naomi Massave