The state Department of Transportation is projecting a $1.6 million deficit this year at Bradley International Airport.

Charles Canane, chief of the DOT’s bureau of finance and administration, told the Bradley Airport Executive Board on Thursday that current revenue estimates for the fiscal year which ends June 30 are $41.2 million, down 10 percent from estimates made in July.

At the same time, additional security costs have raised projected expenses nearly 16 percent, from almost $37 million to $42.8 million, he said.

If revenue stream does not improve, that would mean a deficit of $1.6 million at the end of the budget year on June 30.

“We’re giving you a worst-case scenario, but we expect things to get better,” Canane said.

Canane said the airport’s operating budget began the year with $10.6 million in reserve, so the airport could absorb a one-year loss without compromising capital projects or its ability to address security and other operational needs.

–Associated Press