As Yale University Properties’ dramatic overhaul of Broadway nears a close, the office is undergoing internal changes of its own.

Financial analyst Hugh Eastwood ’00 will leave University Properties next week to work for the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation. Eastwood’s resignation closely follows the transfer of John Maturo to the Yale Facilities Department. Maturo formerly directed real estate operations for University Properties.

“It’s just a coincidence in the timing,” said Bruce Alexander, the director of Yale’s Office of New Haven and State Affairs. “We’re not scaling back.”

But while Maturo’s position may be eliminated altogether, Eastwood’s post will be filled, probably with another recent Yale graduate.

“We have traditionally had one or two Yale college graduates working in the office,” Alexander said. “We will try to fill the vacancy as soon as possible.”

Recent Yale graduates have played a large role in the Office of New Haven and State Affairs since its inception in 1997. Nathan Taft ’95 currently is the office’s program director, Michael Morand ’87 is the office’s associate vice president, and Andrea Pizziconi ’01 is a financial analyst for University Properties. Matt Jacobs ’98 served as the manager of operations for University Properties for two years before Eastwood’s arrival.

“I’m very grateful to Bruce Alexander for providing this great learning and mentorship program,” Eastwood said.

In his one and a half years at University Properties, Eastwood helped plan the redevelopment of the former site of the American Linen Supply Company on the corner of Lock and Canal streets. The location will eventually house the new Yale Police station and some housing units.

Eastwood will resign as teaching assistant of architecture professor Alexander Garvin’s “Study of the City” undergraduate course, effective after spring break.

In his new position, Eastwood will assist with planning the redevelopment of the World Trade Center’s former site in New York.

“There are a lot of things that need to be done down there, and they need to be done soon,” Eastwood said.

But Eastwood’s new job will not remove him from the Yale community.

In New York, Eastwood will join Garvin, Yale Corporation member Roland Betts ’68, Andrew Winters ARC ’94 and Chris Glaisek ARC ’96 as part of the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation.

“It’s kind of neat to keep the Yale connection alive there,” Eastwood said.