With the ribbon-cutting concluded and the cash registers now frequently chiming at J.Crew, Yalies can now turn their attention to the much-awaited next step in the ongoing redevelopment of the Broadway district.

Last week, University Properties revealed that a low-priced Mexican restaurant topped the list of candidates to fill the three remaining storefronts Yale owns in the Broadway area, including the long-vacant space that once housed Krauszer’s.

A two-dollar taco store would be a good fit for the area. It would serve as a cheaper alternative to the more expensive Gourmet Heaven and Au Bon Pain, and it would provide another variety of late-night dining for students near campus.

It is also reassuring that the University is pursuing a small local business rather than another national chain. While there is nothing wrong with including a few big-name retailers and restaurants in the area, Yale should be careful not to rob Broadway of its reputation for providing unique, local shops and snacks.

University Properties should move as quickly as possible to bring in the Mexican restaurant and fill the remaining spaces in the Broadway district. Of course, Yale should not compromise its standards in the name of haste, but officials should remember that vacant storefronts do no good to students, the city or small business owners.