To the Editor:

Kristin Kovner’s article (“Dating Townies: Yale’s last sexual taboo,” 2/1), was not only tasteless, but one-sided.

All the old stereotypes of Yalie snobbery and class consciousness were reaffirmed by the patronizing tone of the article. This, coupled with Kovner’s contention that the residents of New Haven look better because “a lack of homework… affords them more time to spend in the gym,” and others of a similarly offensive nature are very disappointing, coming from someone who goes to one of the most intellectually stimulating and progressive schools in the country.

However, Kovner not only makes these statements with conviction, but she goes on to ask, “Is it sketchy” to date a townie? She disdainfully observes that “surprisingly few [Yalies] have been disowned by their suitemates and families for their rendezvous with a townie.”

Her distinctly biased quotations, such as, “I have nothing against townies, one Yale woman said” and, “they’re great for buying you drinks at BAR” do a great disservice to the many Yalies who were disgusted and angered that Kovner’s views might be construed as representative of Yale’s undergraduate community.

To most Yalies, this view of New Haven’s residents as part uncultured buffoon, part bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks, has been dead for a long time, if it ever lived at all.

While Kovner may have been trying to point out the elitism some Yale students have when it comes to dating, I feel that she was altogether unsuccessful.

Mandissa Logan ’05

February 4, 2002