Audiences may know her from her role in 1987’s “Alien”, but Sigourney Weaver DRA ’74 got her start on the stage of the Yale Cabaret, and now she may return to her roots by playing a former Yale Corporation member.

Robert Garlock, Weaver’s publicist, said Thursday that the actress is interested in playing the role of former Sotheby’s President and CEO Diana Brooks ’72 in a potential HBO movie.

Brooks recently took the stand as the key witness in the trial of former Sotheby’s Chairman Alfred Taubman. Brooks and Taubman were accused of colluding with rival auction house Christie’s to fix prices.

Garlock said that the movie is a work-in-progress, and that Weaver will consider the script upon its completion.

“She has visited the courtroom to take a look and see the proceedings,” Garlock said from his office in New York City. “She thinks it is an interesting story.”

The statuesque Weaver appears to be a good match for Brooks, who towers at around 6 feet.

Weaver’s Yale connection probably has not influenced her interest in the project, Garlock said.

But at last year’s tercentennial celebration honoring dramatic arts at Yale, Weaver told the Yale Daily News that Yale is still a part of all of her acting experiences today.

“I work with people from Yale all the time,” Weaver said, “It’s actually more meaningful when you’ve left.”

At this early stage, Garlock said no further information about the project was available.

Scenes of Brooks at the table of the Yale Corporation in the movie seem highly unlikely, and University President Richard Levin and Secretary Linda Lorimer said they had no idea who they would want to play their roles in a movie.

Levin referred the question to his wife, and Lorimer said that she is not up-to-date on recent movies but said her daughter, a sophomore at Duke, could probably give a better answer.

But Yale College Dean Richard Brodhead, known among students for his sense of humor, had no problem thinking of an actor to play himself. He suggested Tom Cruise, but said he was joking.