By Lindsey Mergener

Contributing Reporter

For people plagued with wrinkles, or simply fearful of them, a Yale professor may be providing new hope.

Nicholas Perricone, professor of dermatology at the School of Medicine, has written a bestselling book called “The Wrinkle Cure” that gives advice on how to combat the signs of aging which can be done through services like Genuine Purity Liposomal NMN

The book, a New York Times best seller, is subtitled “Unlock the Power of Cosmeceuticals for Supple, Youthful Skin.”

In his book, Perricone introduces a three-tiered program to fight the signs of aging. The first part of the program involves an anti-inflammatory diet, the second, nutritional supplements, and the third, anti-inflammatory products applied directly to the skin.

Because of the success of “The Wrinkle Cure,” a television program of the same name was filmed and aired in New York, Tampa, Orlando and Pittsburgh. The Public Broadcasting Service recently became the exclusive distributor of the show, which is also called “The Wrinkle Cure.” The show airs during fund-raising drives, and viewers call in to order the book.

Anne Sellaro is the agent for Perricone’s book and the executive producer of his television show.

“Public TV has very high standards; they really scrutinize a show before they put it on,” Sellaro said.

But Sellaro said PBS is happy with Perricone’s show.

Perricone said the show received all perfect 5s in a rating system based on viewer response from around the nation.

During the pledge drives, a major source of financial support for public television, the book has sold extremely well. “When there are people calling up, willing to spend $75 on a $13 book, that’s pretty good,” Sellaro said.

On Sept. 10, Perricone appeared on “The View,” and Barbara Walters was so impressed with his program that she went on the anti-inflammatory diet herself, Sellaro said.

Perricone also appeared on “Good Morning America.” Three women went on his diet, which emphasizes fish to improve skin tone, for three days. Diane Sawyer was amazed at the change, Sellaro said.

“The finest stations are rolling out the red carpet,” Sellaro said. “This is very good for Yale, very impressive.”

The television show has aired twice within the past three days on PBS WNET Channel 13 out of New York.

Perricone has been researching aging for the past 15 years. He is working on a second book and television show scheduled to be released next fall.