Investigators tried to trace the movements of 94-year-old anthrax victim Ottilie Lundgren in her final 60 days, as tests continued to show no sign of the bacterium in town Monday.

Officials, including federal agents, interviewed those who knew the Oxford resident or came in contact with her, FBI spokeswoman Lisa Bull said.

State authorities said no additional anthrax cases have been identified, but they said Monday that about 15 suspicious illnesses have been brought to their attention for further evaluation.

State health officials have been searching records of all 31 acute-care hospitals in Connecticut, looking for deaths attributed to the flu-like symptoms. Hospitals in the state have been required since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks to report any suspicious flu-like deaths.

Lundgren died Wednesday, five days after she was admitted to Griffin Hospital in Derby. Lundgren, who had suffered flu-like symptoms, became the nation’s fifth anthrax victim.

–Associated Press