Two state-mandated ballot recounts Friday upheld the narrow victories of aldermanic incumbents in wards 8 and 25.

In Westville’s Ward 25, the recount confirmed that Nancy Ahern — one of only two Republicans on the 30-member Board of Aldermen — retained her seat by only three votes in defeating Democratic challenger Anthony Wallace.

In Wooster Square’s Ward 8, Democrat Vincent Mauro Jr. retained his seat over Green Party candidate Bruce Crowder by 15 votes.

After the recount, Wallace said he would push forward with a lawsuit he promised last week challenging the validity of several absentee ballots.

If successful, Wallace’s challenge would force the GOP to cede control of the board’s minority leadership to the Green Party, which won two seats on the body for the first time ever.

If Ahern ultimately retains her seat, the Greens and Republicans will control two seats apiece when the new legislative term begins in January. Because the board’s rules are designed to support only two parties — a majority and a minority — the ideologically disparate Greens and Republicans would have to hammer out some sort of agreement to share minority power.

–James Collins