A man who said he was carrying a loaded gun confronted Alex DeMille ’02 behind Swing Space late Thursday night and forced him up against an Ashmun Street fence. The man then demanded $5, DeMille said.

DeMille opened his wallet, grabbed the $20 that was all he had, and handed it calmly to the assailant. The man then walked away without hassling DeMille further.

DeMille, a senior in Timothy Dwight College living in Swing Space, said a six-foot man approached him as soon as he finished moving his car out of a parking lot on Ashmun Street.

The man trailed DeMille as he approached Swing Space and stopped walking at the exact moment DeMille stopped walking. Then he backed DeMille into the fence, DeMille said.

DeMille said that he was not scared at first because he thought the assailant was a homeless man who meant no harm.

“Then he casually said to me, ‘I’ve got a loaded Glock,'” DeMille said. “At that point I started to get scared.”

Though the man did not physically injure him, he did pat down DeMille’s legs to make sure he was unarmed, DeMille said.

DeMille said he reported the incident to the Yale Police Department Monday afternoon.

–Brian Ginsberg