It’s time to get out those tuxes and prom dresses again. Morse and Ezra Stiles colleges will bring Las Vegas to New Haven Saturday when they once again host Casino Night.

Once declared by Rolling Stone magazine to be one of the country’s top ten campus parties, organizers are saying that this year’s Casino Night promises to be better than ever.

“We are very excited about Casino Night this year,” said Jeffrey Amster ’03, co-chair of the Ezra Stiles Social Activities Committee. “We put a lot of effort into not only making Casino Night as good as it was last year, but to make it even better this year.”

One of Yale’s classier weekend affairs, students are expected to arrive formally attired for an evening of gambling with play money, cigars, and swing dancing. The evening will be capped off with an auction in which students with the highest gambling earnings will bid for various prizes, such as gift certificates from some of New Haven’s finer restaurants.

Attendence at past casino nights has exceeded 2,000, and organizers say this year will be no different.

“Casino Night will continue to draw the huge crowds,” said Temy Mancusi-Ungaro ’02, also co-chair of the Stiles SAC. “The dance basically sells itself. People know that they can expect to have a good time.”

Many students are also looking forward to the party, which has become a Yale tradition.

“I had a great time last year, and I hope to again this year,” said Kristy Ahrlich ’02. “I love swing dancing, it’s the best part of Casino Night.”

Organizers said they have added more gambling tables as well as expanded lounge areas in order to accomodate the expected crowds.

While this year’s Casino Night will have all its usual elements, it will also feature a new swing band called the Ivan Hubbard Orchestra. Organizers said this year’s band will feature a live singer and play more popular songs.

“This is a different band from the one used in the past couple of years because we wanted to keep things fresh,” said Kaitlyn Gumpper ’03, Morse College’s SAC chair.

Amster said several other “surprise” changes will be made this year.

“There are things this year that we haven’t had in previous years,” said Amster. “I guess people will have to show up to see what’s going on.”