Two state lawmakers from Waterford are asking Gov. John G. Rowland to provide more security around the Millstone nuclear power plant.

State Sen. Melodie Peters and State Rep. Andrea Stillman, both Democrats, wrote to Rowland Monday requesting a meeting to discuss the placement of National Guard troops at Millstone.

“The residents of Waterford and the surrounding communities are notably concerned about safety at the plant,” Stillman told the Norwich Bulletin. “We share in the concern of our constituents and believe that we are facing new times with new concerns.”

Peters said she did not expect Millstone to be a target for a terrorist attack but believes precautions should be taken.

“Those of us who live within the general vicinity of Millstone will appreciate the governor’s consideration of this additional security measure,” Peters said.

Millstone uses a private security company, Burns Security, to safeguard the plant. Police from Waterford have been providing additional security since Sept. 11.

“We’re comfortable with our levels of security right now,” said Ken Holt, a spokesman for Millstone. “We believe in our security staff.”

Officials at Millstone would not comment on specific security measures taken since Sept. 11, but Holt said all security personnel have been trained in a variety of hypothetical security situations, such as an unknown person in a protected area.

–Associated Press