A series of thefts from student rooms in the residential colleges has sparked a police investigation and may lead to an arrest in the near future, Yale Police Chief James Perrotti said Wednesday.

Perrotti could not specify the exact number of thefts but said they spanned most of the campus and included a number of laptops as well as other electronic and personal items.

Police hope to solve the crimes and make an arrest soon.

“We have identified an individual we think is responsible,” Perrotti said. “We will be doing an arrest warrant on that individual.”

He added the YPD is “familiar” with the suspect and that it is someone with outstanding warrants on other charges.

None of the thefts has involved forced entry into a room, Perrotti said.

In an effort to combat the thefts, Morse College Administrative Assistant Elizabeth Sader sent an e-mail to Morse students Wednesday requesting that they notify physical plant supervisors of malfunctioning locks and make sure to close doors that have been propped open.

“Folks need to make sure their doors are secure and their property is secure,” Perrotti said.

— Yale Daily News