About 150 students walked out of classes at Wesleyan University Monday to protest the American and British bombing in Afghanistan.

Demonstrators said a violent response to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks will only provoke more violence. They urged government leaders to develop a peaceful solution.

“We’re trying to critically think about ways in which we could affect a movement of peace,” Wesleyan senior Ritu Sen told WVIT-TV.

Last month, students formed a coalition against violent retaliation.

Other students said they supported bombing Taliban targets in Afghanistan, while some said they had mixed feelings.

“I’m frustrated because I’m not sure what our other options are,” said Nicole Wellington, a senior at the university. “A lot of people on campus here are saying they don’t support the war, but they’re not proposing any other options besides peace.”

The university has scheduled several teach-ins — lectures, panel discussions and question-and-answer sessions designed to educate the community about terrorist attacks and America’s response.

— Associated Press