Paul Simon is coming to Yale.

University Secretary Linda Lorimer confirmed Thursday that Simon, the famous singer-songwriter known for his work with Art Garfunkel and Ladysmith Black Mambazo, will perform at the Yale Bowl celebration Friday.

Simon, who received an honorary degree from Yale in 1997, will perform one song of his choice.

“The president and I, and the Tercentennial office staff are thrilled with the prospect that Paul Simon would join us, since he has been a performer that has appealed to audiences for three decades,” Lorimer said.

As of Wednesday night, the tercentennial office still had 1,500 available tickets, Lorimer said. Approximately 29,000 tickets have already been handed out.

The administration wanted to keep Simon’s performance a secret, but even without the element of surprise, Lorimer said she believes the performance will be just as special.

“The more important aspect is to get the entire community together for a campus-wide celebration,” Lorimer said.

In addition to Simon’s performance in the Yale Bowl, other musical numbers including a cappella groups and the jazz combo Jazz Dialect will perform outside the Bowl. There will also be a fireworks display commemorating the tercentennial.