The volleyball team (5-2, 0-1 Ivy) never thought one bear could be so dangerous. That is, until it confronted Brown volleyball co-captain Corre Meyer ’02.

The lighting-quick setter bore her teeth and helped Brown (4-4, 1-0 Ivy) rip into the competition this weekend at the Yale Classic. Meyer coordinated the movements of Brown’s speedy offense en route to three Bear victories, including a 30-24, 30-23, 30-21 win over the Bulldogs.

Yale, meanwhile, came out of the four-team round-robin tournament with a pair of 3-0 victories, handling Iona (3-5) 30-22, 30-22, 30-24 and Sacred Heart (3-5) 30-22, 30-23, 30-23.

The wins were less than satisfying, however, because the Brown match marked the beginning of the Bulldogs’ Ivy League season. The Elis looked to prove their legitimacy as a championship contender, but Meyer would have none of it.

“Honestly, [the match against Brown] was embarrassing,” Yale captain Carissa Abbott ’02 said. “Brown played flawless ball, and [Meyer] orchestrated their offense perfectly Friday night.”

Meyer was the 1998 Ivy League rookie of the year, but she sat out last season because of a knee injury. Her return seemed to befuddle Yale’s plan of attack, and it halted the momentum of the Bulldog’s 3-2 Thursday night victory over Quinnipiac.

“[Meyer is] relatively shorter, and I think what we were hoping to do was to hit over her when she was in the front and to avoid hitting at her when she was in the back,” Eli defensive specialist Joey Lee ’03 said.

Meyer’s play-making ability had resulted in 144 assists and 45 digs prior to the Classic.

Yale managed to rebound quickly enough in its other two games, mostly because Iona and Sacred Heart were not as fast and physically imposing as the Bears.

“I think those games were similar to [the one we had against] Quinnipiac,” Lee said. “We should have used them as a chance to improve [against weaker teams], but we didn’t.”

Lee and Abbott both mentioned the play of Taryn Gallup ’04 as a highlight of the weekend. Her hard hitting and good decision making stood out amidst more mechanical play.

Eli head coach Peg Scofield stressed the importance of maintaining intensity throughout every match — whether the Bulldogs are facing an Ivy League opponent or not — Lee said.

“Watching them [during the rest of the weekend], we saw how we could have and should have beaten Brown,” Abbott said.

Yale has a week before it will find out whether it has properly heeded Scofield’s advice. After it goes to Fairfield Friday, the Bulldogs will try to redeem themselves at the Brown Invitational Oct. 5.