Last week 1,254 Yale undergraduates voted online for Yale College Council and Freshman Class Council representatives for the upcoming academic year. After Tuesday’s terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, the voting deadline for the elections was postponed a day to allow more students to participate.

According to the Web site, which hosted the online election, of the 49 candidates who ran for FCC, 23 were elected by their fellow classmates to represent their respective residential colleges. Twenty-eight undergraduates competed in the election for YCC, and 14 were voted in.

Those elected to their council positions said they hope to tackle various issues about the quality of life at Yale, both light and serious.

“As a YCC member, I hope to bring a sense of coherence and priority back to the council,” said Evan LePatner ’02, who was elected as Calhoun College’s YCC representative.

LePatner said he believes the YCC has the image of an organization focused mainly on setting up dances and concerts for the student body, rather than an organization committed to addressing issues that concern the Yale community.

New FCC member Brian Goldman ’05 of Jonathan Edwards College said he wants to address issues that are of interest to both the freshman class and the rest of Yale, as well as to make freshmen year lively for his classmates.

Dan Kahn ’05 and So Yeon Paek ’05 were two of the many candidates who fell short in their bids for FCC spots. Though they were not elected to the FCC, both Kahn and Paek said they still want to attend the council’s meetings and support the organization and its causes.

“I’m not sure as to how much of a commitment to the council I can make, but once school gets going and I see what the two organizations do for the school and community, and if I can make a difference and help out, then I will devote my energies to their causes,” said Paek, who was active in her high school’s student government.

Both the FCC and YCC aim to address student life issues that impact the Yale community as well as organizing activities to unite the student body, said YCC Vice President E.B. Kelly ’03. The FCC places emphasis on issues concerning freshmen, though it advocates issues and reforms that affect the entire Yale community.

In previous years, the YCC has passed resolutions concerning financial aid reform and organized special occasions such as the Winter Ball and the Spring Fling. The YCC was responsible for arranging the performance of rock band Counting Crows at Yale’s Tercentennial Convocation on the weekend of Oct. 5. president Alexander Clark ’04 said 1,136 students voted on the Web site for YCC representatives, and 616 voted for FCC representatives, with some overlap.