For all those students who can’t keep up with the Yale party scene, a solution may finally be on the horizon.

Morse College juniors Brandon McKay, David Gimbel and Brian Curtin are close to completing a new Web site called, which they believe will simplify the search for parties on and around campus.

The three suitemates, using Curtin’s programming skills, have been working diligently for the past few weeks on the new site, which is already receiving about 500 hits per week.

“I thought we needed an easier way to find out what’s going on around here,” McKay said. “So we set up the site and we told a few friends, and so far the initial response has been great.”

All the programming has been provided by Curtin, who gained his skills working at a Web hosting company this summer.

The site currently offers a calendar containing event listings and what the creators have described as “a handful of links to get awesome stuff,” but a whole slew of new features are expected to come online in the upcoming weeks.

Although already offers some of the capabilities that are planned for, such as customizable event listings, McKay said that the new site will provide its users with much more specialized content and features.

“No one really knows about the party listings on, but [] is different because it is going to be focused entirely on the parties going on at Yale,” McKay said.

Planned for the site are a list of drink recipes, rules for various drinking games, an online message board, an e-mail newsletter, and a system that will allow students to upload their favorite party pictures directly onto the Web.

The inspiration for the site came from McKay’s home state of Kansas, where students at the University of Kansas created, which calls itself the “complete guide to night life in Lawrence, Kansas.”

Any profits that will be made off will be donated to Yale party organizers to allow for the creation of bigger and better parties in the future.

Johnny Lu ’05 said that he currently attends only parties his friends and roommates go to, but that in the future he would visit to explore other party options.