With the start of the new school year, it did not take long for state liquor agents to visit popular Yale drinking establishments.

Agents and local police entered Naples Pizza and Restaurant and Toad’s Place late Wednesday night and Thursday morning, citing each establishment for multiple instances of serving alcohol to minors, said Maria Delaney, director of the state Liquor Control Division.

She said there were “over 10 sales” to minors at Toad’s, as well as other violations, and “approximately four sales at Naples.”

The managers of Naples and Toad’s were unavailable for comment Thursday.

Witnesses said approximately 15 liquor agents and five police officers entered Toad’s at about 12:15 a.m. and began interrogating everyone present, demanding to see identification. The club emptied almost immediately.

Delaney said many of the same agents were involved in the Naples raid. Further official details of the incidents will not be available until the agents file reports in about two weeks.

The division conducted the raids after individuals filed complaints about underage drinking.

While this was Toad’s first run-in with liquor agents in the past five years, Naples has had an extensive history with the division — receiving violations in four different inspections since 1996.

Liquor control agents raided the popular Wall Street hangout in March and found 14 minors with alcohol. The agents also cited 12 other violations, including sanitation problems and failure to comply with the definition of a restaurant.

“The commission is presently in negotiations with Naples,” Delaney said. “At this point it would be up to Naples to make either another offer to the commission or they would in fact go to a formal hearing in regard to the previous charges.”

If the reports on the latest incident are filed before such a hearing takes place, she added, the new charges would also be reviewed.

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