To the Editor:

While I realize my personal habits are of no particular interest to anyone but my friends and family, I feel I should clarify that I do not smoke two packs of cigarettes a day (“New leases trying to stub out cigarettes,” 9/5).

Indeed, such a feat would be hard to accomplish. I do in fact smoke significantly less and am fully aware of the health hazard I’m subjecting myself to.

I realize such errors are not hard to commit by a daily newspaper run by a handful of college students. I would also like to add that I respect the News for the dedicated service it provides to Yale students.

Nevertheless, the reputation of a two-pack-a-day smoker is decidedly unpleasant and untrue to sustain. And it is one I wish to disassociate myself from.

Stergios Anthanassoglou ’02

September 5, 2001