Naples Pizza is negotiating with lawyers from the Department of Liquor Control to settle charges from a March raid that could land the restaurant a fine and a suspension of its liquor license. The restaurant’s first offer to settle was rejected this summer.

Liquor control agents raided the popular Wall Street hangout in March in response to complaints about underage drinking and found 14 minors with alcohol. The agents also cited 12 other violations, including sanitation problems and failure to comply with the definition of a restaurant.

After charges were filed against the restaurant, Naples’ lawyers proposed a settlement of a 20-day license suspension and a $5,000 fine, said Maria Delaney, liquor control division director. The commission rejected the offer.

“The standard is three days loss of license and $700 per individual,” Delaney said. “And this is not their first charge.”

Naples was closed on Valentine’s Day in 2000 for sanitary reasons and for failing to meet the definition of a restaurant. In 1998, its liquor license was suspended for 10 days for selling to minors.

Naples owner Tony Prifitera was unavailable for comment Tuesday.

Delaney said the outcome depends on whether restaurant owners wish to settle the case or hold a hearing.

–Arielle Levin Becker