Built originally as the Memorial Quadrangle in 1917, Saybrook College (along with neighbor Branford College) was created in 1933 as a community of faculty and students. The roster of famous alumni includes both architect Maya Lin and director Oliver Stone.

During their first year at Yale, Saybrugians inhabit Lanman-Wright Hall on Old Campus and predominantly live in quads.

While they may covet the spacious accommodations of Durfee or Welch halls, Saybrook frosh get to enjoy their own courtyard (a universal hangout when the weather is nice) and prime location above the post office.

After the first year, they move into Saybrook College proper, which has nearly completed a multimillion dollar renovation.

They will then inhabit some of the best sophomore housing at Yale. Their college’s new dining hall, athletic facilities, underground theater and brand-new rooms will make Saybrugians the envy of all of Yale.

Life at Saybrook encompasses a wide range of activities, which are coordinated through the master’s office or survive through custom and tradition.

Saybrook intramural athletes have been dominant the past few years, winning the Tyng Cup for intramural athletics in 1998, 1999 and 2001 (and second-place finishes in 1997 and 2000).

Saybrook students have also been keen fans of Yale varsity athletics, and the Saybrook “strip,” in which college undergraduates reveal their boxers, has been a feature of varsity football for nearly twenty years.

The Saybrook cheers, “Say what? Saybrook!” and “Two Courtyards” (in honor of Saybrook’s Killingworth and Saybrook Courts), are rallying cries for fans.

A lively program of informal Master’s Teas, usually held in the master’s living room over tea, sandwiches and cookies in the late afternoon, has brought a number of engaging speakers to Saybrook.

Recent visitors have included comedian Ben Stein, computer software inventor Peter Norton, forensic scientist Dr. Henry Lee and National Football League President Paul Tagliabue.

The master’s office and the Saybrook College Council work together to enrich students’ experiences with wine-tastings, study breaks, college nights at local restaurants and bars, and dances.

Jonathan Criss ’01 graduated this May from Saybrook College.