The Yale Angler’s Journal

The biannual Angler’s Journal, a fishing magazine with a literary bent, has a fairly low profile on campus, but reaches a wider audience outside of Yale. Only five years old, the journal has filled a niche by printing prose, poetry and art about fishing.

The Yale Free Press

A conservative broadsheet, the Free Press brings together a somewhat eclectic group of conservative political opinions. Sometimes libertarian and sometimes not, the Free Press publishes about four to six times a year.

Light and Truth

Staunchly and sometimes controversially conservative, Light and Truth embraces tradition and conservative values. The magazine publishes two or more times per year.

The Yale Literary Magazine

The older than 160-year-old literary magazine — making it the oldest publication at Yale — publishes students’ prose, poetry and photographs. There is fairly substantial competition for space in the magazine, which comes out twice a year in handsome editions.

The New Journal

The New Journal is a somewhat left-leaning magazine that publishes in-depth stories about local subjects. The magazine, which comes out about four times each year, focuses more on New Haven than other mostly Yale-centric publications and also features investigative reporting and long-form journalism.

The Politic

A brand new publication, the Politic is a nonpartisan magazine that came out with its first issue just last spring. The issue featured contributions from politicians such as Senator John Kerry ’66.

The Yale Political Quarterly

The Yale Political Quarterly is a nonpartisan journal, published four times a year, as its name implies, that features scholarly articles about political issues.


A Women’s Center publication, Aurora uses a series of columns, essays, articles and poems to examine issues women face.

The Yale Record

Founded in 1872, the Record is the nation’s oldest college humor magazine and publishes several issues per year. The magazine features more artwork than most other campus publications and also features a wide variety of styles in its comedic writing. In addition, the Record recently has brought several prominent guest speakers to campus, including Al Franken and George Carlin.

The Yale Review of Books

The Yale Review of Books is a straightforward broadsheet review of literature that comes out two or more times per year.

The Yale Scientific

The Yale Scientific publishes scholarly articles about the sciences. The magazine does not focus on any specific field but looks at research and new developments in a wide variety of scientific areas.


A relatively new magazine, vyrtigo writes informal articles about style and trends in clothing, food and student life. The publication also serves as a fashion magazine, hosting spring fashion shows.

The YDN Magazine

The YDN Magazine features a mix of poetry, fiction and non-fiction writing and came out twice last year. The magazine gives the Wallace Prize each year to exceptional fiction and non-fiction pieces.