Pierson College sits on the fringes of Yale’s campus, a sanctuary for excitement and intellectual growth away from the horns and blaring music of cars driving down New Haven’s busy streets. Pierson residents, known as Piersonites, show no shame in proclaiming their affiliation with the college. An unrivaled camaraderie links each member of the Pierson community together.

Piersonites are commonly seen walking down the street wearing bright yellow shirts that read, “PIERSON,” in black bold letters. Pierson’s intramural teams are perennial powerhouses. The basketball team ala Michael Jordan and the Bulls has had an unprecedented streak of intramural titles, winning three in a row. The softball and hockey teams are lethal intramural forces as well. When students just want to play a leisurely game outside the two large grassy areas, the “Pierson Beach” and the courtyard, located within the walls of Pierson college are perfect for mid afternoon games of football and Frisbee. You can often find students napping outside on the lawn too. Given the plethora of amenities Pierson offers, a few years ago some Piersonites decided to share the wealth and started the Tuesday Night Club.

TNC is synonymous for free beer at Yale College. Every Tuesday night whether it is hot and humid or below freezing, beer is served. Freshmen, have your ID’s ready though. Minors might find themselves talking to Yale’s police chief for sipping on Budweiser’s finest brew. Another highly attended Pierson event is the annual Jell-O wrestling match held in the Pierson courtyard. Pierson’s Master, Harvey Golblatt also known as “Master G” (this name has nothing to do with his d-jing skills but it is rumored that he is a master of the turntables), grapples with Piersonites during this yearly spring semester contest.

Master Goldblatt, when not battling students, does everything in his power to create a stress free learning environment. The college’s study breaks coordinated by Master Goldblatt and his wife usually consist of authentic Italian food and rich deserts. It is common to see people lined up ahead of time to get a plate of the savory study break dishes Pierson is heralded for. Master G along with the help of the Pierson College Council also funds student outings. Last semester a group of Piersonites took an all expense paid trip paint balling in the woods of northern Connecticut and another group went to the Metropolitan Opera. Master Goldblatt is not a solo act, however. Dean Christa Dove completes the dynamic duo.

Dean Christa Dove offers tactful advice on handling any precarious situations that may arise during the school year, such as students enrolling themselves in more courses than they can manage. She also offers wonderful course advice.

All in all, it’s easy to see that Pierson truly easily offers the best residential college experience at Yale!

Ronald Mackey ’03 is a junior in Pierson.