10) Meet cool people

The best thing about Yale is the people. Don’t miss out on a great way to get to know them outside of classes.

9) College spirit

Play to win the Tyng Cup, the intramural championship, and put your residential college on top. The college that wins celebrates with a post-season bash.

8) Show your stuff

Whether you are a closet track star or former football stud, intramural sports are a way to show off your skills. Besides, your college needs you — IM competition can be fierce.

7) Take risks

Maybe you never got a chance to try your hand at field hockey or softball in high school. Or maybe you starred in the Powder Puff game and want to continue your winning ways. Whatever the motivation, IMs are great opportunity to new things.

6) Free T-shirts

Every college kid knows — whether it’s clothes or pizza — free is a good thing. The unique shirts might also save you from doing laundry for one more day.

5) Get moving!

Head out onto the field or the court and get the blood pumping. Plus, IMs are more fun than a solo workout on the treadmill.

4) That hottie

You’ve seen him in class, you’ve seen him in the dining hall, and you want to get his attention. What better way than to connect for a touchdown in IM football? The IM field is also a great place to find screw dates for your roommates.

3) Study break

If you find yourself in the library too much or want to take a break from that “Iliad” paper, head out to the fields. Exercise is also a great way to relieve stress.

2) Funky stuff

When the Silliman Salamander puts on his costume and bowls a few strikes, everyone goes wild! You might also catch your master or dean in ridiculously short shorts.

1) IT’S FUN!

You’ll laugh at the nutmegs in soccer and other athletic foibles. Intramural sports are guaranteed to be a great time.