2005 Stilesians: Welcome to the good life.

Despite the popular myth about college dorms, Lawrence — with its new furniture, nice bathrooms and spacious bedrooms — proves that the dorm room can be a beautiful place. And come August, there will be tons of Ezra Stiles big sibs to help you move into your new luxurious home. We have so many big sibs that we sometimes feel the need to donate our services to other colleges.

Our dining hall boasts a Pan Geos bar, a stuffed moose (our oh so cool mascot!), good food and great people. It is definitely a good place to learn about shows, parties and the general happenings on campus, and many Stilesians spend over an hour there at mealtimes socializing.

At lunchtime, you will find both Dean Susan Rieger and Master Paul Fry sitting with students and engaging in interesting discussions. Occasionally, Master Fry holds study breaks like his famous chicken pizza study break at Thanksgiving. He also hosts the Ezra Stiles Arts Festival that no other college has. Dean Rieger, on the other hand, does an excellent job putting suites together freshman year — so if you are worrying about your roommate, you can set your mind at ease now.

One thing that Stiles has a lot of is college spirit. There is always something happening, be it a Naples or El Amigos Night, a trip to the mall or the ever popular Stiles Olympics at which Stilesians competed in fun activities for medals. There seems to be no end to involvement of Stilesians in the college.

On the intramural field, you will find Stilesians in their canary yellow shirts and stripped socks enjoying themselves. As if it is not enough to have such great people and activities, our common room and game room are excellent hang out spots.

Which other college can claim to have a free (yes! free) juke box, two pool tables, an air hockey table, a foos ball and ping pong table and lots of board games? As for our Little Theater parties — well you just have to come to one to be proud that you are in a college full of fun loving people.

To those of you who are not fortunate enough to be in Stiles, I say that there is always the option of transferring to Stiles. To the lucky few, I look forward to meeting you in August, introducing you to the Moose and welcoming you to the wonderful community that is Ezra Stiles!

Nana Akua Asafu-Agyei is a senior in Stiles.