As a freshman, Yale Dining Services requires you to purchase the full meal plan, which includes three meals a day each week ($3,600 per year). If this plan does not suit you, however, you can choose to upgrade to a number of different meal plans. One option is the unlimited meal plan ($3,800 per year) that gives you unfettered access to meals at any time of the day and also includes $40 worth of flex dollars that you can spend at Yorkside Pizza, Naples Restaurant, Au Bon Pain and Durfee’s Sweet Shoppe. In addition, the Joseph Slifka Center for Jewish Life offers a kosher kitchen meal plan ($3,600 per year). Upperclassmen can also choose the 14 meal plan, which includes $100 worth of flex dollars. All students can eat meals at any of the 12 residential college dining halls, although when overcrowding occurs transfers are the first to be turned away.

— YDN Staff