Atticus Cafe (pictured)

1082 Chapel Street, 776-4040


Atticus is another combination book and coffee shop on Chapel Street. With mroe books than seats, it can get quite crowded at times. But once you do get a seat, the service is always friendly, and the Italian sodas are great. You’re likely to find a good book or two as well, for those lazy days when you only have 200 pages of reading to do. Atticus gives away its leftover bread at night, bringing Yalies with trash bags from across campus.

Book Trader Cafe

1140 Chapel Street, 787-6147


One of the many coffee shops on Chapel Street, this cafe and bookstore is a little less noisy and crowded than its counterparts down the street like Atticus and Starbucks. At the same time, you are also more likely to find your TA studying here. The mocha is good and the sandwiches are tasty and large. Try adding brie.

Surveying the books is always an enticing activity while waiting for your coffee. A quiet atmosphere makes Book Trader perfect for studying, and the outdoor terrace is popular on sunny days.

Dunkin’ Donuts (pictured)

770 Chapel Street, 497-9250


The donuts may be average, but the coffee is remarkably good, particularly for such a large chain. This store’s Chapel street location is a particularly nice place to stop after dinner for an all-American dessert.


104 Audubon Street, 562-5454


This coffee shop is a little farther from central campus, in the direction of the Arts district near Whitney Avenue. They regularly have performances such as poetry readings or light music. This place will likely be overrun by your TAs and their friends, but if you are in the mood for Java and don’t want to see the entire freshman class sitting at the table next to you, check out Koffee?

Koffee? Too (pictured)

276 York Street, 787-9929


Conveniently located for Morse and Stiles students heading to class in the morning and for late-night library denizens, Koffee? Too has a large selection of coffee drinks and teas. The shop, which replaced a Willoughby’s in that exact spot last year, has a confusing name but makes a solid cup of joe. Frequently it serves as a meeting spot because of its central location.


1070 Chapel Street, 624-3361

YY $

If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. New Haven’s Starbucks is like any other of the corporate giant’s locations. It’s the place to go when you need your frappucino or any other familiar coffee drink. Starbucks is convenient for taking a relaxing study break as well — in one of their many comfy chairs.


1006 Chapel Street, 789-8400


A coffee lover’s dream, Willoughby’s lives up to its tagline: “Serious coffee.” Each location offers a wide variety of hot or cold coffee and espresso drinks, as well as bagels and pastries. For Yalies who don’t feel like leaving their rooms in the evenings, they can stock up in advance by buying one of thirty different varieties of coffee beans that Willoughby’s offers.