Living in Calhoun is like living in a paradise for the adventurous. The excitement of Calhoun begins with meeting Master and Associate Master Sledge, whose brownies and senses of humor are unparalleled in the Yale community. In the first few days of school, you may attend a party in one of Calhoun’s infamous party suites and discover the joys of a laid-back game of pong on the Bookworld Castle or take in a student art show in the Cabaret.

For the truly adventurous, a trip through the Calhoun basement reveals the root of Calhoun creativity: numerous art studios, including the highly anticipated digital studio. Calhoun facilities even include the infamous sauna, which has been the site of many scandalous trysts and remains open for the pleasure of the truly adventurous.

Gorgeous fall days can be enjoyed in Calhoun’s cozy courtyard while simultaneously using the wireless internet equipment to shop or work online.

But Calhoun life transcends even its elaborate facilities, ideal location and motivated inhabitants. Hounies approach intramural sports with the enthusiasm of professionals. Any given day might find a group of frisbee players practicing their throws in the courtyard, while the billiards team shoots a couple games in the basement game room.

What makes Calhoun special, however, is the spirit and sense of community it instills in its members. From the Fall Trolley Party and Screw-Your-Roommate Dance to the April Hounfest, the Calhoun community is always ready to kick back and have fun. During the fall, Saturday is no longer a day to sleep in, because tailgating for home football games begins at 10:30 with freshly grilled burgers and beer. The fun is not restricted to the students, either. At a Thursday happy hour, a visitor to Calhoun’s gorgeous Cabaret might find dining hall worker Jayvias jamming to some of his own hip-hop grooves, while a group of entranced students looks on. Calhoun is an ideal environment to live for students desiring either a relaxed, but well-facilitated place to live or a tight social community with infinite amounts of pride.

Mackenzie Blumer is a junior in Calhoun. She is a member of Calhoun’s Social Activities Committee.