Berkeley College, the eighth of Yale’s 12 residential colleges, was named in honor of Rev. George Berkeley (1685-1753), dean of Derry and later bishop of Cloyne, in recognition of the assistance in land and books that he gave to Yale in the 18th century. It was renovated in 1998.

The residential college Berkeley now enjoys the presence of Dean George Levesque, who was named dean in December of 2000. He has lived in Berkeley since 1998 as a fellow of Berkeley.

A big-time baller, Dean “Flash” is not only a staple of the Berkeley IM basketball team but was also the captain of the winning team in the spring 3-on-3 basketball tournament. During reading weeks, he and his wife Katie host awesome study breaks with delicious homemade chocolate goodies.

In the 2001-2002 school year, Berkeley will welcome its eighth master, associate professor of English John Rogers ’84 GRD ’89. Though a member of Saybrook as an undergrad, Master Rogers made his Berkeley pride clear by sporting a Berkeley tie at the announcement of his appointment.

For at least the next five years, Master Rogers, his wife Cornelia Pearsall ’84 and 22-month-old daughter Lily should be a familiar sight in the Berkeley courtyard.

Now, almost every college has their respective gym, television room, etc. But what rooms make Berkeley special?

For one, the Bishop Berkeley Bagel and Beverage Bar is a place where students gather to watch movies, chill with friends, and eat freshly prepared food to their heart’s content. It’s like a buttery, but without the health hazards.

Next, the Thomas Mendenhall Game Room is clutch. Containing a pool table, a ping-pong table and a free NBA Jam machine, this room is the setting for many late night and weekend hijinks.

The Swiss Room is a private dining room in the dining hall. Transplanted piece by piece from Switzerland, this 16th-century wooden room is priceless.

The woodshop is well-stocked with power tools and lumber. In addition to being the best woodshop on campus, a professional cabinetmaker comes to Berkeley most weekends to teach students the tricks of the trade.

But the most distinctive feature of Berkeley is the tunnel connecting Berkeley’s two grand courts, North Court and South Court, which are divided by a grassy area in front of Yale’s main library. The tunnel features a variety of student murals on the walls and is a convenient pathway on those rainy or snowy days. There is also a rumor that it hosts a biannual tunnel-jousting competition.

As a member of Berkeley College, there are a few advantages that students will enjoy for four years. These include: the best damned dining hall at Yale; air-conditioning in common areas; guaranteed awesome football tailgates and; finally, the joy of not being in Trumbull.

Howard Han is a senior in Berkeley College.