Undergraduate artists at Yale have ample opportunities to create and display their work, whether it be through classes, publications or extracurricular activity. Holcombe T. Green Jr. Hall, the recently renovated home of the School of Art, has rotating undergraduate gallery space where students in the many art classes at Yale can show the products of their labor. Sculpture, photography, drawing, painting and even graphic design projects are displayed there continuously throughout the academic year.

These students can use the sculpture studio spaces in Hammond Hall, the darkrooms and studios in the Green building, and the computers, programs and digital cameras of the Digital Media Center for the Arts to create their work. Individual colleges also have darkrooms, woodshops, and recording and editing spaces for the making of extracurricular art.

In addition, gallery spaces in colleges like Silliman and Davenport house the work of student artists who want to exhibit their extracurricular projects. Even spaces like the Ezra Stiles Little Theater, Beinecke Plaza, master’s houses and courtyards have been used as venues to publicize artwork.

Undergraduate publications like the Yale Literary Magazine, the Yale Daily News Magazine, Lineup and Aurora also give student photographers, painters and graphic designers a chance to expose their work to the public eye.

Architecture students can use the modern studios in the Art and Architecture Building to create models, designs and blueprints, and this work is sometimes displayed in the lobbies and hallways of the building.