College/Year: Berkeley ’03

Hometown: Wichita, Kan.

Major: economics and

political science

Robbie Wilkins ’03, who is making his second run for YCC president, sees giving the students a voice within the administration as the primary goal of his campaign for presidency. He would like to coordinate diverse student opinions together into a few points that can be presented to the administrators.

Wilkins, a YCC associate, said he promises to bring a sense of enthusiasm and humor to the YCC. He admits that the YCC sometimes takes itself too seriously and gets bogged down in the same political issues year after year.

Instead, Wilkins said he promises to “increase activities and to focus on a few realistic and attainable goals.”

His activity ideas include a fall rock concert, the extension of the Freshman Olympics into a University-wide day of competition and the introduction of a siblings’ weekend similar to Parents’ Weekend.

Wilkins wants to see more of an undergraduate presence on committees that fill administrative vacancies and make decisions on unions and financial aid.

Along with this goal, he recommends reforming standing committees.

Wilkins would like to work with the administration to make meal plans flexible, improve food quality and designate a dining hall to be open from midnight to 2 a.m.

He also promises to work closely with the Undergraduate Organizations Funding Committee to increase money allotted to club sports and student groups that sponsor campus-wide activities.

— Jonathan Romanyshyn