College/Year: Davenport ’03

Hometown: Stamford, Conn.

Major: history

Unique among the presidential candidates, Jack Snyder ’03 has chosen to focus his campaign on only one goal — dividing the YCC into two completely different councils.

Under his initiative, one body would handle quality of life and political issues, while the other would concentrate on activities.

Snyder is confident that he can get the two-thirds majority of representatives needed to pass the constitutional reform.

“Most people I talk to say they like my plan,” Snyder said.

Snyder said his idea for the YCC partition came from a high-school experience in which his student council was overburdened with both activities and student life issues and consequently was unable to accomplish either. If part of the YCC is not tied to activities, he believes the students and the administrations will take the council more seriously.

Snyder sees the president as the tribune of the student body. The president should voice student concerns to the administration and impose a single person’s ideology on others.

Instead of writing a laundry list of unrealistic promises, Snyder has committed himself to examining student issues as they arise.

Snyder feels that his practical approach to politics is best represented in his investigation of why Yale uses two kinds of copy cards.

Snyder, who is publisher of the Yale Record, emphasized his dedication by saying, “If I lose this election, I promise to fight for it in the fall as YCC representative.”

— Jonathan Romanyshyn