College/Year: Timothy Dwight ’04

Hometown: Scarsdale, N.Y.

Major: undeclared

YCC presidential candidate Andrew Allison ’04 said his platform revolves around four realist goals: financial aid, food quality, funding of student activities and environmental policy.

On the financial aid front, Allison promises to support the current YCC financial aid resolution. He would like Yale to allow students to tailor financial aid packages to their individual needs.

Allison would like Yale University Dining Services to improve quality by purchasing more food from local vendors and implementing a 19-meal plan for freshmen. He hopes to better food quality while keeping prices low, even if it involves a financial subsidy from the administration.

Allison said Yale student organizations are underfunded compared groups at other universities. In addition to increasing funding outright, he would like to make organizations more aware of under-used sources, such as residential college masters’ funds.

Allison also would like to see Yale President Richard Levin appoint an administrator with jurisdiction over environmental affairs. He would also encourage an advertising blitz recommending simple ways to protect the environment.

An avid music lover, Allison was influential in arranging this year’s Battle of the Bands as a YCC associate this spring.

Allison is confidant that his freshman status will not have a negative effect on his campaign.

“I’m totally qualified,” Allison said. “I have just as much experience as any other candidates. I have a solid platform and the means to implement it.”

— Jonathan Romanyshyn