College/Year: Jonathan Edwards ’03

Hometown: New York, N.Y.

Major: political science

Alyssa Greenwald ’03 thinks among the Yale College Council officer positions, the UOFC chair should be taken more seriously.

“It shouldn’t be the least important,” Greenwald said. “It is the fifth position, but it shouldn’t be least respected.”

As a liaison between the administration, the YCC executive board and student groups, the UOFC chair should have a higher profile in the YCC and with the administration, she said.

Greenwald said she plans to focus on the UOFC chair’s place in the eyes of the administration.

“Its biggest hurdle this year is the administration,” Greenwald said. “[The UOFC] has no authority. Any one of our recommendations can be overruled.”

Greenwald said she would use her student government experience to revamp the council’s priorities and roles, including trying to make the UOFC chair a member of the standing committee on undergraduate organizations, speeding up the distribution of UOFC funds to student groups, petitioning the dean’s office for more money for student groups and holding meetings to teach students how to fill out UOFC funding forms.

Greenwald pointed to her roles as a UOFC committee member, Freshman Class Council treasurer, YCC representative and DanceWorks treasurer, and her jobs with the Office of New Haven and State Affairs and the University’s tercentennial committee as experiences that would help her run the UOFC.

— Louise Story