College/ Year: Silliman ’04

Hometown: Huntington Beach, Calif.

Major: undeclared, but likely American studies

Financial aid students, YCC treasurer candidate Alexis Hoag ’04 feels your pain.

Hoag pledges, if elected, to fight for financial aid reform, as well as a fall concert.

“It’s a big deal keeping up with Princeton, Harvard and now Dartmouth, and it’s important to relieve the pressure of students juggling their course load, extracurriculars, required job and loans,” Hoag said. “I feel strongly because this is an issue that affects me.”

Currently residing in Silliman College, California-native Hoag works at the circulation desk in Sterling Memorial Library, serves the community through Tutoring in the Elementary Schools and is the attorney general for Model Congress.

Hoag said she feels her experience as Freshman Class Council activities chair fall semester has prepared her for the job of YCC treasurer. In that position, she would need to work alongside the council’s activities chair to secure outside corporate sponsors for events far in advance.

Hoag said after witnessing the FCC’s budget problems this year, she would not want such difficulties to be repeated in the YCC.

“My main goal is to improve the legitimacy of YCC,” Hoag said. “We’ve gotten slack about not being in touch, advocating not implementing. I want to change that and put action behind my words.”

— Naomi Massave