To the Editor:

The intention of the column (“Confessions of a Jewish Asian Worshipper,” 4/1) which appeared in the April Fools’ joke edition of the Yale Daily News was to spoof The Harvard Crimson and the article by Justin Fong that appeared in it. The piece was not intended to hurt anyone. That is not who I am, and the column does not reflect anything I believe.

I understand, however, that the effort to satirize these events was lost. Using a stereotype with the intention of belittling the stereotype does not make it any less of a stereotype. I understand now that the piece offended people and was not funny. I wish I had understood that before it went in, but regrettably I didn’t. I apologize.

With my apology, I hope it will be possible for all of us to turn this incident into something constructive, move forward, repair hurt feelings and examine and purge ourselves of the insensitivities that have caused them in order to ensure that they do not recur. I also want to thank those of you who have written and spoken to me. Your communications have helped me understand. I appreciate the depth of your feelings and that you were willing to share them with me.

Michael Horn ’02

April 12, 2001

The writer is managing editor of the Yale Daily News.