Yale’s Rhythmic Blue dance troupe celebrates its 10-year anniversary on a grand scale this weekend. Featuring a diverse and original mix of dance routines, Rhythmic Blue puts on an energy-packed show. They call it “Design of a Decade.”

Throughout the show, the beat is simply contagious. Whether the dancers are performing to Moby’s “Beat It” remix, Missy Elliott’s “Smooth Chick,” or Erika Badu’s “Bag Lady,” they pull the audience members in with their enthusiasm and their attitude.

Rhythmic Blue features a broad range of dance styles, incorporating such elements as swing, karate, ballet and pantomime into its routines. The dancers themselves choreographed every piece. The dances are original and oftentimes interpretive. The troupe’s music selections are fast-paced and appropriate for Rhythmic Blue’s hip-hop style.

Frequently during the show, dance moves and music are combined in such a way as to create a sense of fantasy. Colorful lighting and the dancers’ varying facial expressions create a surreal mood. Not only are they adept at creating mood, but the dancers are rarely out of sync as they perform.

Giving each routine its originality are the constant costume changes to fit the theme of each song. In the opening routine, dancers are dressed in red, black and white. Throughout the rest of the show, their costumes range anywhere from baggy street clothes to African print-skirts. It is largely the show’s costuming that make it so much fun.

Props such as a park bench and chairs are thrown into the mix to make the dances seem like scenes out of everyday life. In these scenes dancers play the roles of actors as they interact with one another on the dance floor.

The show has an intimate appeal, as Rhythmic Blue dancers cheer each other on between routines and encourage the audience to do the same. The dancers appear to enjoy performing thoroughly, contributing to the show’s energy.

The show starts off with a routine danced to “Smooth Chick,” choreographed by Alexander Jean ’02. The dancers do several impressive lifts in this routine, but overall the choreography lacks polish, as moves are not always performed in unison.

The dancers ease into the show after the first routine. What is perhaps the most notable piece of all is the one choreographed by Jean Park ’03 to “1 Tym.” This routine features dancers in baggy clothes performing to Spanish music with a great beat. This piece has a cute ending that is sure to make the audience laugh.

The troupe created a special routine — to be uncovered during its performances this weekend — designed to celebrate Rhythmic Blue’s 10th anniversary.

Rhythmic Blue

Friday and Saturday at 9 p.m.

Silliman Dining Hall

Tickets: $4 in advance/ $5 at the door

Info: Call Jamie 436-4402