To the Editor:

As Najah Farley’s article about student activism pointed out (“One year later, where are Yale’s activists?” 4/10), a major victory for Students Against Sweatshops last year was to win disclosure of factory locations. President Richard Levin insisted for more than a year and a half that even this minimal information could not be made public; students could not be allowed to know where their clothing was being made.

But in the face of mounting pressure, he agreed to require this information from the companies that make Yale clothing and to share it with the Yale community by January 2001. This information will help members of the Yale community directly connect with the people who make our clothing and shine a light on the conditions in those factories.

Unfortunately, January has come and gone, and the University has not followed through on its promises. Presumably Associate Secretary Don Filer is now sufficiently settled into his job to fulfill this responsibility, albeit four months late.

As a student and a member of SAS, I look forward to gaining access to this information before I graduate in May and urge the administration to promptly remedy its failure to disclose it.

Jess Champagne ’01

April 11, 2001