To the Editor:

I can’t think of a more fitting way to begin Hate Crimes Awareness Week than with the joke issue column titled “Confessions of a Jewish Asian Worshipper” (4/1). It is a perfect example of the kind of ignorance that leads to racially motivated violence. Deeming the column a satire and publishing it in a joke issue is a weak defense for your insensitivity.

Despite the degrading imagery and rhetoric, I struggle to rely on the benefit of the doubt when people stereotype or assume. In this case, I cannot. The column has merely made explicit stereotypes I already knew existed and tried to pass it off as a joke. Seeking refuge from your blatant miscalculation under the guise of casual humor is even more dangerous than blatant sexist and racist comments, and it’s even more insulting. I hope the Yale Daily News uses more discretion in the future and become more conscious of not only such explicit forms of racism, but also the implicit racism and sexism that cuts across all races and gender in the media.

Ann M. Thai ’02

April 8, 2001