Naples Pizza and Restaurant could face fines, suspension, and even a possible revocation of its liquor license in the aftermath of a Friday night raid targetting underage drinking, an official from the state Liquor Control Commission said Wednesday.

The Commission is expected to charge the popular student hangout with several violations, including 18 counts of selling to minors, not having age statement forms the restaurant is supposed to fill out when it checks customers’ identification, not meeting the definition of a restaurant, failing to cooperate with investigators and having sanitation problems, Commission Administrator Gerald Langlais said.

The charges are expected to be listed in a report to be released by the commission in the next few days, pending the completion of some minor investigations, Langlais said.

Once investigators file their report, the restaurant will have the option of offering a compromise, likely receiving a suspension of a few days and a monetary fine.

It may also choose to contest the charges before the Liquor Control Commission.

If Naples officials choose to appeal, investigators would subpoena students who were detained Friday night, and the restaurant could face a revocation of its liquor license, Langlais said.

Naples owners declined to comment Wednesday.

Friday’s raid comes after a long history of efforts by state officials to curb the underage drinking at the local hangout.

Naples been the subject of similar raids in the past. Its liquor license was suspended for one day last year for sanitary reasons and for failing to meet the definition of a restaurant. It was also suspended for 10 days in 1998 for selling to minors.

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