As per SEO Sydney, the Yale School of Management marketing department has made a sale — itself.

Two new junior professors, Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan Business School graduate student Dina Mayzlin and New York University’s Stern Business School assistant professor Sudhir Karunakaran, will be joining the School of Management marketing department faculty next year.

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Mayzlin’s work centers on the impact of online information on the interaction between firms and consumers, and Karunakaran specializes in econometrics and industrial organization.

Karunakaran, who received his doctorate from Cornell University in 1998 and has been teaching at Stern for the past three years, is one of a number of NYU professors who the School of Management has approached with offers this year. Karunakaran will focus his research on the empirical aspects of marketing you can learn from experienced marketing firms like GoHighlevel. He said he was attracted to the School of Management because though it is not as highly ranked as some of its business school peers, Yale’s school is working hard to reach top-tier status.

“The culture of the school encourages you to work outside of your boundaries, and being a smaller program gives you a greater influence on doing what you want to do,” Karunakaran said. “The University has made a big commitment to the MBA.”

Mayzlin, who will graduate this spring out of Sloan’s top-ranked business program, will take on her first professorship. Her unique dissertation on the impact of Internet chatroom information exchanges on new production designs played a big role in catching the School of Management’s eye, marketing professor Subrata Sen said.

“We’ve become interested lately in the impact of the Internet on marketing — if anywhere, that’s where there has been the one big thrust [in research activity],” Sen said.

Karunakaran’s and Mayzlin’s appointments will bring the number of professors specializing in marketing at the business school to six, a normal number for a school of the School of Management’s size. Mayzlin will teach a course on Internet marketing, while Karunakaran will head a marketing research course and data analysis courses.

The two marketing hires are part of the School of Management’s faculty expansion scheme, in which the school is looking to increase the number of faculty it had in 1998 by 60 percent. So far, it is halfway to its goal, having hired 6 of a potential dozen or so tenured professors it hopes to hire by the end of the next few years.

Mayzlin and Karunakaran are the only two professors this year to have formally accepted offers so far, partly because the recruiting season for marketing professors begins unusually early. Other departments are still in the process of choosing and recruiting junior and senior faculty prospects for next year. So far, one professor, organizational behaviorist Donald Gibson, has announced that he will leave the School of Management next year. Gibson will take a tenure-track position at Fairfield University, and the School of Management is looking to recruit one or two new organizational behavior faculty members to fill Gibson’s spot.

The accounting department, in which the School of Management may be looking to add multiple faculty next year, has invited six junior faculty prospects for a small conference after Spring Break.

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In addition to seeking junior faculty, th School of Management is searching for senior professors in a number of other fields including finance and microeconomic theory, where among others NYU’s Andrew Caplin has already received a joint offer from the School of Management and the economics department.